Job Skills Training

Job Skills Training is for when a customer needs more training and support than provided by the employer. The business, customer, job skills trainer, and VR counselor are involved in the training plan and monitor the customer’s performance. All Job Skills Training is goal-focused, with the customer’s goals and abilities documented.

Work Experience

Work Experience services allow a customer to be placed at a business or agency within the community to learn skills for long-term, competitive, integrated employment. These entities are referred to as “Work Experience sites.” Work Experience services are intended to be short term (12 or fewer weeks) and part-time. Work Experience can take place in a volunteer, internship, or temporary short-term paid-work setting.

Work Experience services are available for students or youth with disabilities and basic Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) customers and may be used to determine a customer’s eligibility for VR.

 Job Placement

Job Placement is a benchmark service that assists customers in preparing for and completing the job search process. Job Placement helps customers obtain a job that meets their needs.

Job Placement is a basic employment service and includes the following employment assistance:

  • trains and prepares customers for the job search;

  • helps customers obtain positions that meet their individual needs; and

  • assists customers with job skills training, when necessary, to keep a job.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is a process to help people with disabilities achieve their employment goals and independence. Press play on the video to the left to learn more informational about how they are able to help .